Heat Pump

Heat pumps provide a new and clean method of heating homes and other buildings in the UK

Heat Pump

Advanced Green Energy provides a comprehensive solar thermal service which uses the sun’s warmth to heat some of your hot water.

How does it work?

Solar panels on your roof contain fluid, which absorbs irradiance from the sun. This is then pumped through pipes to your hot water cylinder which heats the water to a preset temperature. Your boiler or heater then uses this to top up the heat as required, so you can enjoy peace of mind that you’re saving money every time you run a hot bath

Solar thermal systems run best in summer months, when they can heat up to 90% of your hot water. However, you’ll still save money all-year-round.

How we do it

We offer two types of solar thermal panels: high efficiency evacuated tube solar panels and high efficiency flat plate solar panels. Both offer a range of similar benefits and we will be happy to discuss the best product to suit your needs.

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Will a heat pump work in my home?

Heat pumps can supply an entire property’s space heating requirements, however this technology most suits new builds or renovation projects where a trench can be excavated and under-floor heating incorporated into the design.

Heat pumps are best suited to low temperature distribution systems in highly insulated buildings needing temperatures to raise to 30-35°C.

For more information about heat pumps, or integrating a heat pump to your existing solar pv system and saving even more money, contact us today.